Eders Garten Eder – a GWAM Project

Concept – Social Media – Photography – Graphic Design

What is hidden behind the green bushes, what is cavorting in the fresh grass and what shimmers on the water surface of the unique natural pool?

We completely restage Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. A little different, tattooed, new – with a great penchant for aesthetics. Almost as grand and special as Garten Eder. We want to bring all the art and skill of the flagship nursery to the lens, accompanied by perfectly selected models. With a concept that does justice to the incomparable Eder projects. And it can be a bit more than that.

Making nature a lifestyle

Can a garden be a sin? If plants are our language, then nature flows through our veins! So that the grass in the neighbor’s garden is certainly never greener, we give in to the legendary temptation and satisfy the longing for paradise: As a successful Tyrolean gardening company, we plan and design high-quality private and hotel gardens that are second to none. And we rely on a flourishing imagination – horticulture, technical measures, decoration and furnishings will amaze even Adam & Eve. Hannes Eder and his team realize garden dreams between Kitzbühel, Innsbruck and Munich. Professional garden planning inspired by paradise.