A team with benefits? Yes, Baby! We take full service literally and therefore always draw from the full: GWAM #agencylife is as diverse as the GIRLS WITH A MIND themselves: Each one has her very own mind, but all of them have a lot of bite, a lot of brains and even more heart. So maybe they are more #FAM than #GANG after all, certainly as much #FRIENDS as #TEAM. And there’s nothing they can’t (think about): Sometimes with TamTam, mostly edgy, certainly looking in the same direction and always having everything under control.

Not all girls are made of sugar. Some are made of adventure, dark chocolate, intelligence, swear words and courage.




“A woman’s weapon? That is herself in all her facets.”

24/7 standstill avoider, revolutionary at heart and in her head – simply always on fire! And not since yesterday or the day before yesterday, but since her early youth she has felt at home in the advertising and media jungle between radio, television, marketing and agencies: with many stops in between, but never off track! Let’s put it this way: Whatever it is, whatever it takes – Elli does it! With strategy. With Brain. Your most wanted MISSIONS? From the idea in your head, tinkering like there’s no tomorrow to the limitless elaboration until it’s finally in your hands: The GWAM head cinema.



“If you want to write, you have to be able to read between the lines.”

Where words change the world, poetry is the true language! Manu is a modern-day poet with a lot of courage and a special fondness for red threads. Statement with emphasis or understatement with echo – the flow has to be right, always, right from the start. A friend of storytelling since childhood, she has given her penchant for big words more depth with a degree in German studies and has written from the soul to customers from all kinds of industries across the country. Without copy&paste, but with fountain pen finesse – she has a crush on Goethe!



“Design is a language without words. It’s for everyone.”

“Graphic design will save the world after rock’n’roll does” said David Carson – but how do you actually write rock songs? In Maria’s case, it is probably the harmonious composition of colors, shapes and images with recognition value and a unique selling point. As a thoroughbred graphic designer, she has been creating visual anthems for 16 years, perfecting the goosebump moment and adding that certain something. Eyes always open for everything beautiful, ears always pricked for all customer wishes. As GWAM’s Head of Graphic, she has been playing all the tunes since the beginning and speaks all the languages: Bold, colorful & everything else!



“If you want it to stay like this forever, then the moment is perfect.”

Is perfection fleeting? Maybe that’s why we’re holding on to them! Anja has a knack for the #momentoftime – she knows exactly when to pull the trigger: namely when everything is just right. A self-made pro in portrait, fashion, advertising, interior and product photography for 11 years, she has already put everything in the right light for Amazon, FHM & Co. Even though the native Carinthian turned her back on city life in Berlin a few years ago to open her own studio in the heart of her homeland, she is always on the go for the perfect shot!



“Art is the fine line between right and wrong.”

If in doubt, call Coletta! For her, design knows no boundaries, she knows the path from the simple to the meaningful, from the inexplicable to the visible – in print or online, really straight or completely out of space: Coletta transforms head cinema into art. Always. And that doesn’t come from anywhere: because if you don’t paint, you don’t win! Anyone who mixes ambition with passion in the color palette will always find the perfect nuance for a harmonious overall look. We are certain that Coletta’s artistic streak runs straight from her heart into her hands!



“Design is like a good marriage between art and science”

Kathrin can do it: And she does it best with a southern mentality but German correctness. Kathrin is there when things go wrong or makes sure that they do – she has been working in graphics and design since 2013 and has already been able to live out her creative side at PRO7 & Co. The jack-of-all-trades also studied web development and has been living her life as an artist regularly for 10 years in various courses and exhibitions. Whatever happens -Kathrin is Happiness made in Bavaria, for print or WWW, with understatement or for fireworks.



“Change never stands still”

Where others draw the line, Anna is just getting started. Those who have high expectations of themselves and the world are constantly evolving. For her, quality is: ♾ “there is always room for improvement.” TRUE THAT. Thanks to her varied training in the media sector, she has tried out many things, but social media is where everything comes together for Anna. Creativity, design, simple and yet incredibly complex, a bit of fun with words and a lot of muse. Then you are a little closer to infinity.



“Creativity & social media is a world without borders.”

In Linz beginz! Kristina ist always on the road und setzt bei Herausforderungen und Kreativität keine Grenzen – kein Wunder, findet sie sich in der Welt von Social Media allerbestens zurecht. Neue Herausforderungen und tägliches Umdenken sind bei ihr business as usual, als Model und Insta-Pro hat sie außerdem zwei Augen für Schönheit, Stil und Perfektion. It’s all in the mind – positives Denken ist Kristinas way-to-live und dem macht sie in jeglichen Bereichen alle Ehre: Online mit Hashtag oder Offline in der Natur – Kristina goes viral.


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