✳︎ Between imagination & reality

Client: AEON

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✳︎ Free is the only way to be

Client: Mali Havana

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✳︎ Making nature a lifestyle

Client: Garten Eder

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We love branding and speak fluent marketing. We capture the perfect moment in an image, visions become tangible through design, we tell stories with thousands of words and we rely on unfiltered Instafame for likes and shares. We dance bursts of courage, shoot head cinema and celebrate really good advertising. As GIRLS WITH A MIND, we do what we do best: From concept and strategy to content creation and corporate design. Social media, public relations and cinematography – everything that the imagination can come up with packed into the very best all-round service.

  • Social media & guerrilla advertising stunts incl. International blogger relations & influencer
  • Brand Concepts & Management
  • Content creation & distribution (corporate wording, print, blog & online wording, corporate wording, search engine optimization, public relations)
  • Events & exhibition setup
  • Grafisches Design: Corporate Design & Unternehmensidentitäten, Logos & Screendesign
  • Print: all types of printed matter, image brochures, leaflets, etc
  • POS (point of sale) design
  • Illustrations
  • Photography
  • Cinematographie & Imagefilm, Imageclips & Vlogs, Motion Graphics & Animation
  • Model Bookings & Styling/Design

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