Chaste – a GWAM Project

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once upon a time

Turn back time to “once upon a time” and set the clocks to “now”: In what is probably the most beautiful place under the sun, we say: Heaven is place on earth! Between ancient walls, state-of-the-art facilities and a backdrop that makes you forget time and space, the “Keusche” in the Styrian Murtal is a place for exclusive events and heroic dreams with a happy ending.


With us you are very close to the sun, moon and stars! The Keusche is an exclusive place to celebrate, dine and experience, almost floating in the air: We reinvent the lines between “once upon a time” and “all’s well that ends well” and meet high above the clouds in a breathtaking setting that makes you forget space and time.

FOR YOUR “ONCE UPON A TIME…” we provide you with the stuff that fairy tales are made of. As an impressive glass container at lofty heights, the Hochegger Keusche is at your disposal for unforgettable moments. For seminars, meetings, workshops, celebrations and parties with a wow effect and feel-good character, we bridge the gap between history and experience over the edge. Rock, steel and glass form the framework for a place that you have to see to believe: A rock tunnel and a specially created 360-degree lift take you to the top of the Keusche, whose panoramic view would have made even Rapunzel turn pale.